There is no concrete rule that says how often a small business should send out neighbourhood mail (formerly called unaddressed admail by Canada Post). This obviously depends on your budget and your goals. However, if you only do a mailing once every year or every other year it will be much more difficult to build awareness and trust among your potential customers. I would suggest that a business looking to establish themselves in a neighbourhood look at sending out a minimum of 3 to 4 mailers a year. Do you have a limited promotion budget? If money is tight, I would suggest sending out fewer pieces of neighbourhood mail but resending to that same area on a regular consistent basisWhile you can send out as few as 500 pieces of neighbourhood mail with Canada Post, most business will usually send out 5,000 to 20,000 pieces which usually does a good job introducing them to their local neighbourhood.  To get an idea of what this will cost you and to see if its an option that will work you can view our all-inclusive pricing for unaddressed postcard advertising.

What are the benefits of sending out neighbourhood mail on a regular basis?

Consistent neighbourhood mailings create awareness for you and your business and they help reinforce the message you are trying to communicate. Plan your neighbourhood mail campaign so that it shows your potential customers the value of your products and services. Include an offer that will make them want to contact you.  Show them why they should choose your business. Then, keep reminding your potential customers that your business is alive and well and that you want to do business with them!  Send out regular mailings and put your name in front your prospects. Consistent neighbourhood mailings will help you build awareness and familiarity. This familiarity will, in turn, help you build trust. It is this trust that can help position yourself as a legitimate go-to business when a potential client or customer has a need for your service.

By sending out mailers on a regular basis, businesses such as dental clinics, realtors and auto repair shops, have a better chance of acquiring a customer when their service is required. For example, a dental mailer that comes shortly after a tooth starts to act up will likely be looked at more carefully.  And, individual who has just had a bad experience with his auto mechanic and receives mailer for a competitive offer will likely pay attention to that offer.  Businesses that only mail once a year are less likely to be remembered or to be in a position where the customer is in need of their service or product! Let me be clear, consistent regular mailings put you in a better position to sell your product or services.

Top 7 Reason’s To be Consistent with Neighbourhood Mail

  • it helps build familiarity with your business and brand
  • it builds trust, which in turn can help you become the go-to business in your area
  • it is able to expose your new services or offers more often
  • it is much more likely to reach the people who may be unhappy or indifferent with your competitors
  • it is more likely to reach people who have just developed a need for your service and looking for direction
  • is more likely to reach people who are new to the neighbourhood before they go elsewhere
  • is more likely to turn prospects, who have become familiar with you, into customers by placing a tangible benefit or offer directly in their hands

Tip: Remember that when planning your neighbour mail campaign keep your pieces similar enough so that they build recognition. Change up your offer and the message enough to keep your potential clients interested in reading every neighbourhood mail piece that you send out. Give your prospects a reason to act now by including a special offer with a deadline. And, don’t forget to use subsequent mailers to showcase and introduce any new benefits, products and services!

Need a little help with growing your business with neighbourhood mail? Want to view what it would cost to do some postcard advertising in your neighbourhood? Our unaddressed postcard advertising information and pricing is located here.