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addressed admail to grow your small business

Personalized Mail

Promote your business and your services with
Addressed Admail!

Admail doesn’t have
to be difficult.

We’ll take care of the design, print and delivery for you!

You can save
close to 50% on
your postage.


Personalized Mail is an effective tool that can highlight your products and services.  It’s a great way to stay in touch with your customers and keep them engaged. (See our blog post to see why Direct Mail should be part of your marketing mix.)

We offer a simple one-touch solution — handling the design, print and distribution of your addressed admail.

We can use your customer or prospect list and personalize your letters, postcards or inserts by printing them with variable data!

If you have a mailing list of about 100 or more its worth considering using addressed admail to save yourself some time and some money on postage.

By presorting your mailing list and preparing your mail to Canada Post Standards we will allow you to qualify for Canada Post’s Personized Admail Rate (49 cents in 2019). 

Your mailing gets taken care of for you and your savings in postage will usually offset the cost of us doing the presort, prep, inserting and addressing of your mailing.

The larger your mail list the more time and money you can expect to save!

Contact us to make your next mailing a little easier!

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