Becoming the go-to
Practice or Clinic
in your community
shouldn’t have to be difficult!

We design, print and distribute postcards and newsletters that will get your practice and it’s services known in your community.

Your Neighbourhood Mailers will:

  • show your potential patients that you’re part of their community
  • build familiarity and trust with your practice and its services
  • reach potential patients who are unhappy or indifferent to your competitors
  • connect with those new to the area
  • motivate your potential patients to book an appointment
  • we’ll help you connect!
We’ll print your postcard, flyer or newsletter in full colour on a superior matte stock to make sure it stands out.

We’ll confirm with you the target area of your mailing and then prepare everything and get your admail to Canada Post for delivery.

We take care of the work so you don’t have to.

See our all-inclusive special pricing for Custom Postcard Mailers below!

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Neighbourhood Admail
Postcard Pricing

Design, print and postage included!

Prices are in Canadian Funds and may fluctuate, please contact us for exact pricing. Taxes are extra.

Focus On Your
Return On Investment

It’s your ROI that matters most!

Unaddressed admail doesn’t usually generate high response rates but that doesn’t mean it isn’t profitable. Many businesses often get discouraged when they only get 25 to 50 responses on an unaddressed neighbourhood mailer but that’s before they do the math.  It’s the ROI that is important in your mailing success.  Here is a sample calculation based on mailing 10,000 cards. Even if you get a below average response rate of .25% you should still receive 25 calls. If 60% of those callers book an appointment you are looking adding 15 clients to your practice. If on average your yearly billing per client is $650 then you’re looking at a yearly revenue of $9,750 from that mailing. That’s a not so shabby 195% return on your investment in one year!

10,000 Mailier x response rate (.0025) = 25 calls

25 calls x closing rate (.60) = 15 new patients

Now, if you do a good job keeping your patients happy and they stay with you for an average of 10 years then the lifelong value of each of those new patients would be $6,500.

Average Anual Value ($650) x Lifelong Relationship (10 Years) = $6,500

But, if that new patient refers 2 additional patients over that 10 year period, each of those new patients value is worth $6,500. That would be a client referral value of $13,000. That would mean each new patient could have a lifetime value of closer to $19,500.

Here is that formula.

Average Annual Value ($650) x Lifelong Relationship (10 Years) + Client Referral Value ($13,000) = A Lifetime Value of $19,500

Establish the real value of your patients to effectively market.

Now every practice is different and each practice needs to determine their own patient value but once you have established the real value of your patients you can then make more informed decisions on how to effectively market your practice. Of course, anything you can do to bring in new patients and increase the lifetime value of those patients will help you create a more profitable practice. Moreover, if you can build relationships with your existing patients so are less likely to stray and more likely to generate referrals then their value can quickly multiply!

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